Best 17 Crypto Application in USA 2023 UPDATED

Finding a reliable crypto app if you want to buy and trade cryptocurrencies on your mobile device is crucial. Crypto apps reduce the complexity of the cryptocurrency markets by offering a wide variety of options to trade, earn, and manage your cryptocurrency assets on the go. This article evaluates the top reliable crypto trading applications in the USA, taking a close look at all the crucial statistics you should be aware of before downloading a cryptocurrency app for your iPhone or Android device. Numerous cryptocurrency apps that offer a variety of services, including purchasing, staking, user-friendliness, trading, and earning interest in crypto have been reviewed by us.

Choosing the ideal cryptocurrency app for you will enhance your trading performance. Each of these top USA crypto applications will be very helpful to you, whether you are an experienced crypto broker or a beginner. Continue reading to find out about the most reliable crypto application that can help you manage your cryptocurrency investment journey.

Let’s dive in!


The first choice from our list of the best crypto apps in the USA is Binance.US. Please note that it is distinct from Binance Global. It is entirely compliant with US laws and is only concerned with US traders.

For those of you who are actively looking to acquire and trade digital assets, this cryptocurrency app is best suited. This is due to a few factors, including the fact that BinanceUS has over 1,000 trading markets available across a wide range of crypto assets, increasing the likelihood that you may find an investment opportunity on the platform.

Second, in terms of size and liquidity, Binance is the biggest cryptocurrency exchange in the world. As a result, you won’t have any trouble entering and exiting a position at a good price when you trade using the Binance crypto app.

The trading commissions offered by Binance are also pretty low. The maximum fee is 0.10%, which works out to $50 for every $5,000 traded. However, those who are active traders and who own BNB tokens will be entitled to significantly lower rates.

US clients that use Visa or MasterCard pay 4.5% + a 0.5% buy transaction fee. Although there are no fees for ACH and domestic bank wire transfers, processing timeframes can take one to three business days. Fees: 3% to 4.5% for debit card purchases, free transfers through the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA), or $15 for wire transfers to the United States.

Click here to become a member the world's largest bitcoin exchange Binance.

Features: The following functionalities are accessible through the BinanceUS App

  • several different markets to trade in on the go
  • Low transaction costs
  • a variety of charting options
  • Through Simplex and other third-party systems, wire transfers and credit cards are supported.
  • Lower fees when using the BNB network token to pay for gas.

All of the cryptocurrency exchange’s power is at your fingertips with the BinanceUS mobile app! Get the BinanceUS mobile app for crypto trading right away!


For cryptocurrency traders looking for the greatest mobile exchange app in 2022, OKX comes out on top. With high-yield benefits from staking and DeFi offers, OKX is a cutting-edge cryptocurrency exchange that can meet all of your needs for Crypto.

A variety of mobile trading tools are available from OKX. With a debit card, credit card, or e-wallet, users can instantaneously buy or trade cryptocurrency on the go. As an alternative, experienced traders can monitor price changes and draw technical analyses using the charting tools that come included with the OKX app.

In addition to buying and selling cryptocurrency, this program also performs other functions. Investors can stake their cryptocurrency on the OKX app to earn close to 12% APY. The OKX app has a built-in cryptocurrency wallet along with a decentralized app (dApp) browser and its NFT exchange.

The OKX app is available for iOS and Android smartphones. There is a DEX version of the exchange available for consumers in nations like the US, and it has more than 20 million users across 200+ countries.

Features: The following functionalities are accessible through the OKX App

  • With the OKX app, you can configure price alerts to get notifications in real-time about your preferred cryptocurrencies.
  • 340+ cryptocurrencies to trade
  • You can buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrency on the go through the OKX Lite mobile app.
  • Low commissions for spot trading
  • Support staking and cryptocurrency interest accounts
  • Low-cost crypto borrowing
  • OKX also offers cryptocurrency wallets, financial services, and data analytics.
  • With their new asset analysis option, you can view the gain and loss performance record for your portfolio over a day, month, or self-selected timeframe.
  • Support is offered 24/7 in a variety of languages.
  • Within minutes, purchase popular cryptocurrencies with a debit or credit card.
  • Using the multi-currency auto-borrow option, experienced and skilled crypto traders may make the most of their money.
  • Take money out whenever you want with their real-time settlement option.

One of the world’s top reputable apps for crypto exchanges is OKX!


We discovered that eToro is another popular cryptocurrency app in the USA. You may easily purchase and trade cryptocurrency using the eToro app. You receive a commission-free deposit bonus when you register for an eToro account. You may swap, sell, and move coins with little hassle using the app. More than 50 cryptocurrencies are available on eToro in terms of supported marketplaces. As a result, you may easily and for a reasonable price purchase alternative coins.

We enjoy the fact that US customers only need to deposit $10. Deposits made in US dollars are free of charge, and a variety of payment options are accepted, including credit cards, debit cards, Skrill, bank wires, ACH, PayPal, and more.

The eToro App’s investment features are some of the best and provide you with a competitive advantage over investors who use other apps. The eToro app is designed with you in mind; it aids in securing and guarding against the theft of your assets. As a result, you can trade cryptocurrencies on your phone without having to worry about the safety of your money. View ProCharts, technical analysis, and essential market research quickly and easily.

Be the first to discover emerging trends, customize your watchlists, establish volatility alerts, and more. This is where the eToro cryptocurrency app really thrives in terms of usability. Both iOS and Android devices can use the exchange to their full potential. Last but not least, if you like the idea of eToro, you can start using the app in less than five minutes.

The eToro app’s features

  • Trading available for more than 50 cryptocurrencies
  • Only $10 is the minimum position amount.
  • Accepts payments via PayPal
  • Free cryptocurrency wallet app.
  • Use strong trading tools to gain a competitive edge
  • is overseen by 9 financial regulatory bodies, among them CySEC, FCA, and ASIC.

All new eToro account is given $100,000 in a virtual account, allowing you to test out all of the platform’s features possibility. You can get all the resources you need to start investing in the eToro app.

With convenience, you can trade and invest anywhere at any time. Get it now! Invest right away!


One of the first cryptocurrency trading platforms, Bitstamp was founded in 2011 and provides a web-based marketplace as well as smartphone iOS and Android trading apps for trading cryptocurrencies while on the go. You may hold, invest in, send, and exchange more than 50 different crypto assets using the app. Both newbies and experienced crypto traders can benefit from the app.

With the Bitstamp crypto app, you can purchase cryptocurrency using a credit or debit card, a bank account, a wire transfer, SEPA, and other options. Additionally, you can transfer cryptocurrency to bank accounts. By scanning a QR code with the app, you may transmit cryptocurrency instantly. Millions of traders worldwide have already attested to the app’s use.

The advanced order types and analytical capabilities available in this program will be appealing to professional traders. The Bitstamp crypto app also includes real-time charts and transaction book data, as well as biometric authentication to further security. Finally, users may instantaneously send and receive cryptocurrency using the Bitstamp crypto app.

At Bitstamp, the minimum position size is just $10 for assets priced in USD and 0.0002 BTC for those valued in BTC. Bitstamp ensures that you can trade securely by encrypting personal data and storing 98% of customer assets in cold storage.

Features: The following functionalities are accessible through the Bitstamp App

  • Monitor your portfolio value, trading history, and charting to improve your trading. Through the Tradeview function, detailed charts and tools are available.
  • Use several different order types
  • Web and mobile wallets provide multi-signature security.
  • If the smartphone is misplaced, remotely disable the app.
  • Apps with biometric authentication
  • No charge ACH deposits
  • An easy-to-use, beginner-friendly.
  • Sending cryptocurrency is as simple as scanning a QR code.
  • You can initiate deposits and withdrawals directly into your bank account. 
  • You can initiate deposits and withdrawals directly into your bank account. 
  • Examine market patterns with detailed Tradeview charts and tools.
  • You can now purchase cryptocurrency using your Apple Pay wallet.

Whether you’re a novice or an expert trader, the Bitstamp app equips you with the tools you need to navigate the cryptocurrency market with simplicity. If you run into issues, they got your back with better, specialized service that is avail around tock. You can contact them at any moment.

Your safe entrance to quick and simple crypto trading is the Bitstamp app. Utilize an easy interface to trade and invest in assets while on the go! It’s accessible on both iOS and Android! is among the top cryptocurrency applications and alternative currency exchanges if you want to purchase cryptocurrencies with a debit card. You can use on smartphones (Android and IOS) or web-based trading platforms. You get access to more than 250+ digital assets by installing the app. For instance, using a Visa card makes it simple to convert any cryptocurrency to cash, spend it at tens of thousands of merchant establishments, and withdraw it from any ATM worldwide.

With a credit or debit card, you can instantly purchase cryptocurrency on Additionally, you can exchange cryptocurrency or actively trade it there. The app also allows you to make and receive cryptocurrency payments for goods and services.

You will be charged 0.40% as a trade taker when you place a purchase order and once more when you cash in. With this, you only exchange $4 for every $1,000 you have. Also, cheaper commissions are offered if you frequently trade on the app. Additionally, is one of the reliable crypto apps for building a diversified portfolio because it supports so many different portfolios.

We like’s user-friendly appearance as well. You don’t need any prior trading knowledge to use the app to trade digital currencies.

Features: The following functionalities are accessible through the App

  • trade and invest 250+ cryptocurrencies
  • Gain access to crypto earnings of up to 14.5% annually
  • Use their app cryptocurrency price tracker to keep tabs on 250+ coins by configuring Price Alerts and Price Movement Alerts.
  • With the Visa Card, you may access, manage, and use your cryptocurrency whenever you want.
  • Easily connect the app to the DeFi Wallet App, which allows you to store your cryptocurrency safely.
  • Paying with CRO can lower taker/maker fees.
  •  user-friendly mobile app.

Get the App and start making 14.5% p.a. on your cryptocurrency today!


For those who want to begin trading and investing in cryptocurrencies in the United States, Coinbase is a well-known option. It is a legitimate trading platform with tools for staking, trading, and investing. Over 103 million people use it globally in more than 100 different countries. On their simple, user-friendly app and web platform, Coinbase enables you to securely trade and hold more than 100 cryptocurrencies.

For users who prefer apps to webpages, Coinbase converts the website’s functions into a mobile application. We discovered that Coinbase is probably one of the finest cryptocurrency apps for people with little to no expertise in investing in crypto assets. In fact, Coinbase is frequently chosen by those wishing to buy, sell, and transfer cryptocurrencies using a mobile app for the first time because the entire investment process is incredibly secure and secure.

Users of Android and iOS can download the app. You can also use your card to make direct purchases from Coinbase using the app.

Several functions, including the following, are available to you once you download the Coinbase cryptocurrency app to your phone:

Here’s a sample of what the app can do:

  • PayPal can be used to buy cryptocurrencies.
  • The Coinbase Wallet app is free.
  • Supports more than 100 cryptocurrencies and tokens
  • Web-based and mobile apps for iOS and Android
  • Deposits made using wire transfers in USD are not subject to limitations. Limits for ACH or SEPA change.
  • A free version and a premium option
  • Simple and safe cryptocurrency buying and selling
  • keep up with the most recent news and expand your understanding of cryptocurrency.
  • Simple to use and adaptable, with price alerts, automatic buys, and market information
  • Clear and user-friendly, allowing you to view cryptocurrency prices and asset values at any time of day and from any location
  • If your phone is stolen, you can disable access to the app by adding a passcode to your crypto profile.

The simplest and most reliable platform to trade and manage your digital currency is Coinbase. Use the Coinbase app to start your cryptocurrency journey!


One of the most dependable exchanges for swapping money for cryptocurrencies is Kraken. One of the most established and secure cryptocurrency exchanges, founded in 2011, the exchange enjoys a high level of public trust.

For those new to cryptocurrency or expert traders wishing to purchase or sell fast and easily while on the road, the official Kraken app is ideal! One of the first, safest, and easiest programs for purchasing cryptocurrency is Kraken. The Kraken app doesn’t require you to be tech-savvy to use it. On the app, you can also review previous transactions. Kraken is the app for you if you want to instantly buy cryptocurrencies with your debit card or credit card, set up regular purchases, monitor your preferred projects, or browse the top gainers of the moment.

The app is compatible with several funding sources.

Features and functionalities of the Kraken App

  • Web apps, as well as iOS and Android
  • Charts in addition to price monitoring
  • Simple buying and selling of the most well-known cryptocurrencies
  • Low buy/sell transaction fees
  • One-tap access to a support ticket with 24/7 assistance
  • Use pre-set sums to quickly establish orders
  • A straightforward graph that displays your overall balance and investment 
  • See each investment’s value and its percentage of your portfolio with ease
  • Examine the history of each investment’s transactions.
  • Asset summary pages that provide information on price, volume, and other factors
  • Make a personalized list of your preferred assets to watch and buy right away.
  • Support for Apple Pay for speedy cryptocurrency purchases
  • You have the option to cancel access to your mobile device from your account if it is lost or stolen.
  • Opening the app requires the same security as opening your device (password or biometric)
  • Hide balances from displaying on your device
  • Quickly review a list of devices that have accessed the account

Kraken mobile app is easy, safe, and secure!


Founded in 2017, their mission is to provide simple and secure crypto products and services to everyone. They provide seamless and simple trading on diversified crypto assets you know and love while giving you the opportunity to find hidden gems that are just hitting the market.

The Bitmart mobile app seamlessly integrates all platform features for trading while on the go. You can manage your whole portfolio even on the go with the Bitfinex app. Click a button to view positions, open transactions, and trade history.

Features: What Sets the BitMart App Apart

  • Simple to Use
  • With your credit/debit card and bank transfers, you can buy and sell crypto
  • they currently support over 1,000 trading pairs and constantly add new ones.
  • All users have access to both basic and advanced trading interfaces.
  • Utilize your cryptocurrency to generate passive income by staking and conserving.
  • To keep track of price and trend information in the past or present, add coins to your watchlist that you are interested in.
  • Low Trading Fees
  • Big Rewards for Users
  • 24/7 customer service

The best exchange for digital assets is BitMart. suited for both people and organizations. Join the millions of users who trade, buy, and store well-known cryptocurrencies by registering right away. Get free token airdrops and welcome incentives of up to $3,000 as well!


Whether you are an experienced trader or a beginner to digital assets, Bitfinex is your shop for all things crypto. The Bitfinex mobile app seamlessly integrates the complete functionality of their web platform for trading while on the go.

From your mobile device, you can directly buy and sell cryptocurrency!

Token traders and liquidity providers can access cutting-edge services from Bitfinex. Trading, lending, and exchange features are available to traders, and they can execute transactions quickly.

To enable you to trade with comfort and choose from a variety of digital assets, they developed cutting-edge trading tools. With Bitfinex, you can configure your charts, set up complex trade types, see real-time market data, get order notifications at your fingertips, and more.

As your staking rewards are automatically deposited into your account each week by Bitfinex, watch as your balance increases. Experience the flexibility and clarity of peer-to-peer lending, in which lenders and borrowers deal with one another and have the freedom to choose the length and terms of their loans.

For traders, Bitfinex Pulse is a social network and news feed collector. Be the first to learn about breaking news by using Bitfinex Pulse to share live trade insights, share pulses online, and view and interact with the Bitfinex Pulse society.

With only a few touches, you can instantly send and receive cryptocurrency. Access your report and switch between wallets to keep track of your previous transactions and ledgers.

You may always get in touch with their customer service representatives and receive training through our knowledge base.

The mobile app is made for quick and simple trading. With a single tap, you can create automated buys and price alerts, obtain insights into the cryptocurrency market, and personalize your dashboard. Receive real-time notifications on the pricing and trends of your preferred cryptocurrencies to stay informed.

With the largest selection of cryptocurrencies available for trading, is one of the top cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. It is the ideal choice for beginner cryptocurrency traders who require dependable, safe, and easy-to-use mobile software to begin trading.

For the purpose of safeguarding its users, was the first crypto exchange in the entire globe to put millions of dollars into a “Safety and Legal” fund. One of the most secure cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, has offered market-leading security since its inception. It offers a comprehensive range of active and passive protection regardless of transaction, login, or withdrawal. According to assessments made by reputable cybersecurity companies in the cryptocurrency business, ranked first out of 100 cryptocurrency exchanges in terms of cybersecurity scores., which was established in 2013, has grown to become a major cryptocurrency exchange globally. The business takes pleasure in offering security that is unmatched in the market and in having 100% of reserves verified through an audit. emphasizes and is committed to maintaining regulatory compliance in every jurisdiction in which it conducts business. It works in many different nations throughout the world. They offer secure, dependable, and open services for trading digital assets to over 10 million customers worldwide.

Features: The following functionalities are accessible through the App

  • their crypto exchange app is straightforward and user-friendly.
  • Purchase cryptocurrency with ease with a credit card, debit card, or bank transfer
  • There are no deposit costs, minimal trading fees, and minimal withdrawal fees
  • 24-hour customer service, Trustworthy and Secure
  • High-level security protection
  • An interface that is simple to use and created for effective and convenient real-time trading
  • Advanced traders have the option of using their own money or borrowing money to trade.
  • Automatically replicate the transactions of renowned cryptocurrency traders.

Download the crypto app to make use of the many services it offers!


More than 10 million people use Uphold, a worldwide, multi-asset crypto trading platform. You can buy and trade more than 200 cryptocurrencies on their mobile app, as well as 27 different national currencies, and precious metals including gold, silver, palladium, platinum, and more than 29 U.S. equities.

The majority of platforms don’t typically make uncommon cryptocurrency assets available, on Uphold you can get your hands on the newest tokens before anybody else!

Both deposits and withdrawals from Uphold are completely free!

From the security of your mobile wallet, earn up to 25% APY on eligible cryptocurrencies. Uphold does not charge a commission! Earn an industry-best 7% return incentive by staking! Your digital assets are never invested via third-party DeFi methods; they are always invested directly in the token network.

Instantly deposit using your bank account, credit/debit card, or external crypto platforms after creating your FREE Uphold account in a matter of minutes. They even accept Apple Pay! You can begin trading as soon as you make a deposit, even before your money has cleared!

Using simply your email address and no fees, you can transfer your assets from one Uphold wallet to another! With just a few touches, anyone can quickly trade, earn, stake, and spend money!

A quick look at Uphold’s features!

  • Deep liquidity and low fees
  • they never lend away any of your cash.
  • staking at a premium
  • quick account creation
  • Recurring transactions
  • adjustable limit orders
  • Send money quickly
  • fantastic for newcomers

Regardless of your level of knowledge, the Uphold mobile app is made to be user-friendly


Gemini is one of the top cryptocurrency exchange apps in the USA. Anyone who wants to buy cryptocurrency via an app needs to download its mobile app. It offers a distinctive user interface and a ton of features that will help you succeed and keep your cryptocurrency. The Gemini Mobile Dashboard gives you an overview of your account and offers watchlists, a new section for top movers, and instructional materials. You can buy whatever cryptocurrency you want to buy using the Gemini app. It also includes tracking information so you can keep track of the price of cryptos.

 Finally, you may buy cryptocurrency using the Gemini app with your debit or credit card. Both the Apple and Google play stores have positive reviews of the Gemini app; Being one of the essential apps to have while purchasing cryptocurrency in the USA

Customers can buy, trade, and store cryptocurrencies on the Gemini crypto app. The New York State Department of Financial Services oversees its regulation (NYSDFS). Gemini enables you to safely purchase, exchange, and store cryptocurrencies. Gemini was created with a “safety” mindset. Build your cryptocurrency portfolio, establish recurrent buys, use price alerts to remain on top of the market, and make the most of your trading tactics. Gemini has the tools for you, whether you’re an expert trader or just getting started:

Users can save their cryptocurrency using the exchange’s Gemini Earn service and earn up to 7% in interest on their investments.

Features: The following functionalities are accessible through the Gemini App

  • web app, iOS, and Android.
  • Users of Gemini Pay can use their cryptocurrency balances to make purchases at various American retailers. Flexa makes it possible!
  • Account or wallet funding via bank account and cryptocurrency
  • Digital collectibles and art are available for trading on the Nifty Marketplace.
  • The cryptocurrency application is free to use, however, the transaction cost ranges from $0.99 to 1.49%.
  • Utilizing simple tools, you may create your cryptocurrency portfolio and carry out your trading strategy.
  • Make price alerts so you may monitor the market and be informed when the ideal opportunity arises.
  • Set up recurring purchases at any frequency and for any amount.
  • Customers can quickly start producing yield by simply and securely staking their assets.
  • Your mobile app can be protected by a passcode or biometrics.
  • available in all 50 US states

Gemini is an easy, stylish, and safe platform to purchase cryptocurrencies. Start trading right away!

How to Choose the Perfect Crypto App for You

We considered commission, regulations, customer support, user-friendliness, and other factors when putting together this list of the most reliable crypto application in the USA. To ensure you select the finest cryptocurrency app for your needs, be sure to read our reviews in their entirety.

If you’re still unsure about which cryptocurrency app is suitable for you, take into account the factors covered below.


Whether or not the service is regulated is the most crucial factor to take into account when looking for the best cryptocurrency app. For instance, as we noted in our Gemini review, this distributor of cryptocurrency apps is subject to numerous regulations.

The provider’s regulatory status should be your top priority when looking for the best cryptocurrency app. For instance, as we noted in our Gemini review, this distributor of cryptocurrency apps is subject to numerous regulations.

This includes a license issued by the SEC, FCA, ASIC, or CySEC. This means that you can trust that your money is secure when you add money to the Gemini cryptocurrency app.

Variety of markets

While other cryptocurrency programs concentrate on a small number of digital currencies, some will let you trade a huge number of them.

This implies that you won’t encounter any obstacles while making an investment if you identify a prospective money-making opportunity and your preferred cryptocurrency app supports the token. As an illustration, Binance provides more than 1,000 cryptocurrencies across the. The easiest way to build a diverse portfolio is to select a cryptocurrency program that provides a ton of access to a variety of markets.


When you purchase digital currency, several crypto trading programs will impose a commission fee on you. When you cash out your position, you must also pay a commission. Commissions between cryptocurrency exchanges app can differ greatly. No matter which cryptocurrency app you choose to register with, it’s critical that you won’t have to pay too much to place trading orders. This is because having large trading fees will reduce your possible profit margin.


The fact that you’ll be using a smartphone with a screen considerably smaller than a typical laptop or desktop computer can make it challenging to trade cryptocurrencies on a smartphone.

Therefore, it’s crucial that the cryptocurrency application you choose provides a simple and simplified trading experience. If the cryptocurrency program provides a demo account option, that is the greatest approach to evaluate. You can then move through with opening an account after you are certain that the cryptocurrency trading app is the best choice for you.

Features and Tools

Top-rated providers like BinanceUS, eToro,, Gemini, Uphold, and Coinbase offer a lot of practical tools and features while looking for the finest cryptocurrency apps in the USA. This will enable you to get the most out of the cryptocurrency software because you can find trade possibilities by simply clicking a button.

The eToro copy trading tool was the best feature we found. With the help of this program, you can trade passively by imitating the positions of an experienced investor. Every position the investor takes will be replicated in your portfolio.

If you’re searching for extremely sophisticated trading tools, you might want to think about Binance. This is due to the fact that the Binance app has TradingView integration in addition to technical indicators and charting tools.


Not all exchanges can run in every state in the United States. Make sure the exchange you use complies with U.S. crypto legislation and covers your state.

Customer support

The finest cryptocurrency applications let you speak with a support agent in real time. This eliminates the need for you to send an email in order to communicate with the customer support department. Additionally, all of the cryptocurrency apps on our list provide 24/7 customer support.


Examine the security aspects of the exchange to see how many of its assets are held offline in cold storage, whether it has personal insurance, and whether it participates in a bug bounty system that motivates ethical hackers to disclose any vulnerabilities.

Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracker

To keep a diverse portfolio, many cryptocurrency traders and investors buy a wide range of other coins. If you use various exchanges and different wallets, it could be difficult for you to maintain track of your crypto assets, which could cause problems for your entire portfolio.

You run the risk of mismanaging your investments and losing a sizeable sum of money if you don’t keep up with the vital information about each of your crypto assets. This guide gives you a thorough rundown of the top cryptocurrency portfolio trackers if you wish to manage multiple portfolios more effectively.

What Is a Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracker?

Applications for managing your cryptocurrency portfolio can connect to the numerous exchanges, wallets, and services where you hold your cryptocurrency. The portfolio tracker can be integrated with all of your platforms to provide a unified view of all of your cryptocurrency assets on a single screen. When all the information about your portfolio is on one site, you can decide how and when to adjust, when to sell and when to hold. Real-time tracking is possible across all platforms, blockchains, wallets, and exchanges. Apps that track your cryptocurrency portfolio let you keep track of past transactions, their value, and their final destinations. Additionally, these apps provide the current live price of any cryptocurrency they support.

A crypto portfolio tracker will provide you with the resources you need to keep track of any past transactions you’ve done and their value. Additionally, you’ll be able to see the current exchange rates for all the currencies that the tracker app supports.

How Does a Crypto Portfolio Tracker work?

A crypto portfolio tracking app can be linked to a wide range of wallets, crypto services, and exchanges once you download and begin using it. Generally, you can link it to any website where you maintain or store your cryptocurrencies. You will be able to see a summarized view of your cryptocurrency holdings on a single screen by combining every platform you use with the portfolio tracker.

To find out what your current holdings are and how they have been performing, you would have to navigate each exchange or wallet you use if you didn’t use one of these crypto tracker apps. Checking in with each platform can take a lot of time if you have investments in many cryptocurrencies on various exchanges. You can make completely educated investment decisions, such as when to hold when to restructure, and when to sell, once all of your portfolio data is in one location.

All of your holdings will be listed in the relevant local fiat currency in the top cryptocurrency portfolio tracker applications.

Say you are presently a resident of the United States. Your profit and loss will be shown in U.S. dollars when using a portfolio tracker app.

So what features should a cryptocurrency portfolio tracker have? Let’s Check them out!


It is one of the top programs for tracking cryptocurrency portfolios and has been active for more than 8 years. More than six million users are currently using this program, which supports almost all crypto assets.  the free Blockfolio portfolio tracker enables 300 exchanges, including Binance, Coinbase, Kraken, Bittrex, KuCoin, Poloniex, Bitstamp, GXChain, HitBTC, and Bitfinex. On your Android or iOS device, you can use this free app to create price alerts, get helpful trade data, and more.


  • look at your assets in more than 100 paper currencies,
  • Choose from 8,000 cryptocurrencies and keep an eye on your portfolio-based personal graph of your investing history.
  • App that is solely mobile-based
  • assist you in determining the final coin value
  • Coin charts are accessible.
  • You may create alerts for price changes for any coin.
  • accessible on both iOS and Android
  • Read the most recent headlines and coin-related signals.


  • Users occasionally claim that coin data and prices can vary from the real exchange rates provided on cryptocurrency exchanges.
  • You’ll need to take your time looking over the pages and modifying a few parameters, such as the base currency.
  • not on the web.


Over thirty million traders and investors from around the world are members of the TradingView social network. It has made a name for itself as the first browser-based, cloud-powered analysis platform in the world. The appealing platform Tradingview has a user-friendly interface and mobile app. It gives you all the data, knowledge, tools for analysis, etc. that you need. On the homepage, you will find free information on major currency pairs, trading tips, the latest news, newsfeed, and much more. The most interesting feature is its free plan. Free indicators, eye-catching charts, and a number of other tools are all available.

You may access the TradingView community and basic charting capabilities once you register for a free account. For access to more sophisticated features, you can upgrade your free account to one of the paid plans.

One of the very greatest platforms is TradingView.

The app provides a lot of features to advance your trading and investment.


  • Undoubtedly one of the most adaptable platforms
  • Charts that are easy to use, quick, stylish, smoothly zoom in/out, and comfy
  • a vast collection of indicators developed by the public and the community
  • Outstanding selection of trading tools
  • Trading View offers three subscriptions, each of which includes a 30-day free trial.
  • fully working mobile application
  • Access to a number of amazing features with a free plan


  • Compared to industry standards, customer service services are poor.
  • minimal broker support


Kubera is a reliable platform for tracking investments that manages a wide range of asset classes, including equities and cryptocurrencies. the first personal balance sheet program and portfolio tracking app made specially to assist you in simultaneously managing fiat and cryptocurrency accounts. Pie charts are used to display the proportion of each asset in the portfolio. This tool for tracking cryptocurrency prices offers connections to more than 20,000 banks around the world. Kubera is a well-known cryptocurrency portfolio tracker that enables users to keep track of all of their cryptocurrency accounts in one place.

The fact that your data is never recorded or sold to third parties makes Kubera one of the best tools for tracking cryptocurrency portfolios. Keep in mind that, if you want, assets may be added manually.

Finally, this is the greatest cryptocurrency portfolio tracker for minimalists and is incredibly simple to use!

In order to maintain a constant check on the market, you may also add tickers for certain stocks, cryptocurrencies, and altcoins to Kubera’s portfolio tracking app. Although we are convinced that Kubera offers the ideal combination of features to be your best option for tracking cryptocurrencies.


  • Enables you to link all of your bank accounts in one place.
  • Track cryptocurrency assets, such as DeFi.
  • Supports a variety of links to crypto accounts
  • Sends beneficiaries your financial information
  • Enables you to access the most recent value of each of your assets in one place.
  • iOS and Android mobile apps.
  • Add a variety of cryptocurrencies from a variety of exchanges and wallets.
  • You may use Kubera to track the worth of your cryptocurrency, vehicle, and even website domains!
  • While Kubera does support API imports from a few cryptocurrency exchanges, users can still manually enter transactions on the platform.
  • On a daily, monthly, and annual basis, Kubera can assist you in identifying the assets in your portfolio that are performing the best.


  • One of the more expensive options is Kubera. It costs $12 per month and is not free.


Over a million people use CoinStats, which tracks more than $100 billion in cryptocurrencies. A portfolio tracker from Coinstats allows you to monitor all of your cryptocurrency and DeFi from one place. You can get market information for Bitcoin and more than 8000 different coins. Additionally, it offers thorough analytics and transaction information for transaction history. Users of the charting tools can forecast and acquire insight into potential future moves in cryptocurrency values. The cryptocurrency tracker guarantees immediate portfolio insight. With CoinStats, a premium cryptocurrency portfolio tracker, you can manage your portfolio on both desktop and mobile devices and receive personalized crypto news and analytics. The API keys provide support for various wallets and exchange accounts.

Once configured, CoinStats puts crucial data at your fingertips to make investment decisions easier. You receive graphs that display the growth for each asset or the entire portfolio.


  • enables you to manage your whole cryptocurrency profile from one interface.
  • On the AWS Vault service, all of your API keys are safely stored separately from your personal data.
  • They conduct a quarterly security check to ensure the safety of your cryptocurrency holdings.
  • offers a tool for crypto analytics
  • It works with practically all cryptocurrency exchanges, including 400 more in addition to Coinbase and Binance.
  • It is compatible with iOS, Android, the web, Mac desktop, the iWatch, widgets, Apple TV, the Apple Watch, the iPad app, and the Google Chrome plugin.
  • News feed for cryptocurrencies that users can customize to their requirements.


  • All the features that are available in the paid version are not supported by the free version.


Managing coins across numerous exchanges could be difficult. You can keep track of your assets and coins spread across 32 exchanges using CoinTracking. You can view the coins and total quantity you are holding using their app. In addition to having a mobile app for iOS and Android, CoinTracking is accessible online. The best aspect is that you can use the API capability to connect to any well-known exchange, and it will instantly download any fresh trading data. This makes sure that you are always aware of your coin collection. Since its launch in 2013, CoinTracking has continued to grow as the crypto industry does.

Choose CoinTracking if you have to choose just one app from this list. Because of its automatic importing with the API feature, it is one of the best apps for tracking cryptocurrency portfolios. Additionally, each currency has access to its chart history.

A separate reporting page in CoinTracking provides comprehensive information on each transaction, fee, gain or loss, current and daily balance, and much more. You can manage up to 200 trades under the free plan, and you can upgrade to an unlimited plan by making a small payment in any cryptocurrency of your choosing. I made the decision to upgrade to the pro plan after using the free plan for a few days, and it worked out really well.


  • import information from major exchanges, including Binance, Coinbase, and others.
  • Interactive trading and coin charts
  • Share your information with cryptocurrency tax advisors.
  • Apps for iOS and Android are also available.
  • Free and paid options
  • Track cost basis, file capital gains tax returns, and do thorough charting and analysis.


  • The main drawback of using this program is that if you want access to unlimited exchange networks, you must pay the premium package.

A final thought on Best Trading and Tracking Crypto apps in the USA

As you are aware, investing in cryptocurrencies is quite dangerous. Consequently, you need an app to assist you. You may purchase and trade digital assets while on the go by creating an account with a well-regarded cryptocurrency app. I strongly advise you after thoroughly reading the review, to download the app you believe will be the most useful to you.

Some people continue to manage their portfolios using the conventional spreadsheet method. And all of that takes time. Using one or more portfolio trackers can cut down on the time needed to manage your portfolio and monitor its success if you’re enthusiastic about investing in cryptocurrency. Even though the best cryptocurrency portfolio tracker applications we’ve listed above range greatly from one another, they’re all excellent options for getting started with portfolio tracking.


Which cryptocurrency program is the best for keeping coins?

Coinbase is undoubtedly the most logical and user-friendly choice for crypto traders in the US. When compared to BinanceUS, there are significantly fewer altcoins mentioned, which is the only disadvantage.

Which cryptocurrency app has the lowest fees?

The best option for low transaction fees with Fiat support is Binance.

Which cryptocurrency app is the best for beginners?

Coinbase is the finest cryptocurrency app for newcomers. It includes a user-friendly interface that makes buying and selling cryptocurrency simple, a large range of coins, and modules with informative content.

Which cryptocurrency app has the most coins?

The largest collection of cryptocurrencies for trade in the U.S is found on they provide one of the largest collections of cryptocurrencies available for purchase with over 750 coins, offering over 150 cryptocurrencies to traders outside of the US.

Which cryptocurrency trading app is the most reliable?

Several cryptocurrency investment apps are available. Here are our top picks: Coinbase, Binance.US, and

Which cryptocurrency tracker is the most accurate?

The best cryptocurrency portfolio tracking apps for 2023.
The cryptocurrency app includes CoinTracker, Kubera, CoinStats, and CoinTracker.

Are crypto portfolio trackers safe?

Trackers for cryptocurrency portfolios can be as secure as you like. You can restrict how much control your crypto portfolio tracker has over your cryptocurrency funds, even though many of them can be combined with your exchange accounts or non-custodial crypto wallets.